About Us

About Vortec

Our mission is to be the leading energy efficiency solution provider of Innovative Bladeless Ventilator products and systems.

Vortec pioneered the Bladeless Ceiling Ventilator Fan that will revolutionize the Ceiling Fan industry. It provides a unique cooling experience to your living room, bedrooms, and offices.

Vortec creates a controlled vortex by mimicking the motion of a natural tornado, generating a breeze that you can never feel with a traditional ceiling fan. It is eco-friendly, efficient, quiet, and safe.

Vortec is the world’s first truly Bladeless Ceiling Ventilator Fan which comes with additional features like voice-controlled speed, dimmable mode lighting, and UVC with Nano Titanium and Silver Oxide disinfection technologies.

Vortec is supported by Temasek Foundation Ecosperity: Developing sustainable, innovative solutions to improve liveability.

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