Vortec Bladeless Ceiling Fans has a safety mark certification

Vortec Rebrand with new Safety Mark
V80-DL with single or dual light (Black, White)
V80-DL without Light (Black, White)

V80-DL Series

Bladeless Ceiling Fan and Ventilator

Vortec brings a unique cooling experience to your living and bedrooms. By mimicking the natural tornado, the V80-DL Series generates a quiet breeze that is so relaxing. It is eco-friendly, quiet, efficient, and safe. It also comes with controllable speed and works with voice control from third party Home Automation Hub.

The rebrand V80-DL model is available in Black or White with options of no light, single light or dual light (Lantern and downlight). Downlight has 3 LED colour temperature options: 3000K (Warm White), 4000K, (Natural White) and 6000K (Cool Daylight White).

V80-DL (Dual Light) Model (White)
Black Model available but not pictured

V80-DL (Dual Light)

Bladeless Ceiling Fan and Ventilator

V80-DL dual light model also comes with different lantern lighting colour of which the golden lantern (4000K) is currently the most popular.

Other available lantern lighting colour are: 6000K (Daylight), Blue, Green, Red and Pink.

V80 -DL (UV) Model (Black, White)

V80-DL (UV)

Air Purifying with UVC and Nano Titanium and Silver Oxide Disinfection

Vortec’s V80-DL (UV) comes with an exciting new feature – UVC disinfection with Nano Titanium and Silver Oxide Technology! It is the world’s first patented bladeless fan and ventilator developed to prevent Covid-19 transmission in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The continuous vortex circulates the air around the UV system and Nano Titanium and Silver Oxide coated surface killing germs, bacteria, and airborne viruses. It effectively disinfects the air around the area, allowing you to breathe easier and healthier!

Product Specifications

All fans come with a 2 years limited warranty. Read the Terms & Conditions here.

All fans come with a remote control for the fan and LED light.

AC Source230V~ 50/60Hz
Fan Power Consumption2W – 42 W
Nominal Max Speed320 RPM
Diameter 760mm (30in)
Weight5.7kg / 5.9kg
LED Panel Light12W