Functioning: How does a Vortec bladeless ceiling fan work?
Vortec makes use of a vortex to take in air from the lower surroundings and distributing it from the side of the fan, providing natural ventilation in the area. It works extremely well together with an air-conditioning system because the cool air is being circulated evenly in the room, leaving hot air rising and staying at the ceiling above the Vortec unit.

Functioning: Is Vortec bladeless ceiling fan energy saving?
Yes, Vortec fan is a dc fan. It uses an electronic inverter to control a very efficient Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor resulting in energy consumption of half that of the traditional ceiling fan.

Functioning: What is ADV? How does it help to save energy?
ADV stands for Augmented Displacement Ventilation. It combines the advantages of the air-conditioning (as) system and that of the Vortec bladeless ceiling fan to provide cooling comfort and save energy by setting the ac system temperature setting higher, say up to 27 degrees Celsius, and the ac fan speed to the lowest. With these settings, the energy consumption of the ac with be very much lower and at the same time the air will not be too dry. The Vortec fan will pick up the cool air generating the vortex airflow with a chilled factor effect ventilating the room while leaving the hotter air at the ceiling level. With the current increasing energy costs and the hot spell due to global warming, Vortec ADV is an ideal solution in providing an affordable cooling comfort at home and in the office.

Comparison: What is the difference between traditional ceiling fan and Vortec fan?
Traditional ceiling fans lacks the ability to circulate air effectively anymore. The airflow is only concentrated directly under the fan unlike Vortec bladeless ceiling fan which spreads the air around in a vortex motion, allowing more ventilation around the room. Traditional ceiling fans push the hot ceiling air down circulating hot air! Vortec fan sucks the cooler air from the floor and effectively circulating cool air.

Location: Can a Vortec fan be placed in HDBs/Condominiums?
Vortec is designed ideally for HDB’s ceiling height with a safety mark certification. It is safe even if your bedroom has a double decker bed. Vortec has versatile location placing as it can be placed anywhere from indoors to outdoors. Because of our unique bladeless feature, it ensures safety at all locations.

Installation: What is the ideal hanging height of the Vortec fan?
The optimal height of Vortec is 2.3m-2.4m from the floor level. For stronger wind experience, a lower height is recommended. Slope ceiling will depend on the angle and height from the floor level. Custom mounting bracket will be required and purchased separately from third parties.

Cleaning: How to clean a Vortec fan?
Unlike traditional ceiling fans, where you have to climb a ladder and wipe every single blade, with the use of a flexible microfiber brush, it eases the cleaning process. Simply dust the outer surfaces with the brush/duster. You can also push the brush inside the fan which has 9 nine compartments to dust off. You can also use a wet cloth with mild detergent to wide especially when use in oily and very dusty environment.

Pricing: If I buy in bulk or if I self-install the Vortec fan, do I get a discount in price?
Normally, we don’t encourage self-installation. Please contact us regarding any of the above matters (click Contact Us below).